You get home tired and hungry... do you really feel like cooking?

You are busy.

There are many demands on your time - work commitments and deadlines, laundry, grocery shopping etc... 

This is made worse by the idiot you have to deal with everyday at work.

Finally, you get home and you're hungry!

Maybe you didnt feel like stopping to get some fast food on the way home. 

Your work is demanding. Who could blame you?
Who wants run around the store to pick up everything you need, stand in line, prep it, cook it, and wash dishes? 

The whole things takes you 2 hours. 

The hassle. 

Who needs it? What are your alternatives?

 You could order Chinese or a pizza. Been there done that? 

Why don't you check out the fridge? You've got some juice, bread and cheese. 
What's this stuff growing on it?

Why aren't there any alternatives?


Shape Lovers - Healthy Meals Delivered!

  • We make it convenient and affordable for you to eat healthy and lose weight with our healthy meal delivery service...

  • For less than the price of fast food you get healthy meals prepared by Chefs and supervised by nutritionists.

    All our meals are
    nutritionally balanced and portion controlled, so you won't feel hungry or bloated after your enjoy them.

    They're also low in salt, low-fat, low-calorie and diabetic friendly!

  • We have an new 9-week menu developed by Chef Gabriel, so can enjoy something new everyday without repeating any dishes. No more boring meals.

  • Our friendly drivers hand-deliver your meals daily. 
    Your food will always be fresh and on time.

  • No contracts. Pause or cancel your service anytime by simply giving us a call. No hassle, no pushy customer support reps.

Relax - Leave the cooking, calorie-counting and delivery to us!

Here's how to get started:

Call (305) 501-4455 to order now!

It's easy and convinient to get started with Shape Lovers. 

Simply call us at  (305) 501-4455 and one of our meal plan consultants will help setup your account and customize the meal plan to your dietary needs.

Or click here and we'll call you!

Helping South Florida eat healthy, save money and free up time since 1984!

  • Shape Lovers is the best. No worries, no cooking and healthy, delicious food. Life saver!

    Margaret P. ,Miami

  • Great variety and flavors all while maintaining a healthy aspect delivered to you at a great price! Calories are posted on the site, which helps you plan out your daily intake. I like that you can substitute the main dishes and/or sides with some daily staple options if you don't like what is on the menu a particular day.

    Leslie F., Miami Beach

  • I  am a stay-at-home/freelance journalist with a rambunctious toddler.
    The last thing I wanna do is cook.

    Enter Shape Lovers. They deliver low-fat meals to your doorstep.

    For 7 bucks a meal plus a weekly delivery fee (7 bucks to my hood), they deliver HEALTHY  food to your home. You get a soup, side (usually some kid of rice or veggie), protein and dessert. And it tastes GOOD (just add salt). My fave meal so far is the stuffed plantains...delish! My husband claims it tastes good too, and he's quite "special" if you know what I mean.

    I've been eating it three nights a week for the past month and love that  I don't have to cook. Sure the food is tasty and healthy,  but what I love most is not having to wash dishes -- praise sweet baby Jesus for this service.

    Maria T., Coral Gables

  • They have good customer service, good prices and the convinience of eating healthy, staying in shape and not having to think about what am i going to eat for lunch at the office everyday is unbeatable!.

    Healthy choices for food at reasonable prices, delivered right to your office, and tasty yay!

    Since it is portion controlled when you see it you're going to think you will be left hungry but that was never the case at all. I was always satisfied.

    Also they have a good variety menu and if you love vegetables like me, you will be pleased.

    Carolina M., Miami Springs

  • This is my gift to myself this year. I'm taking the stress out of some of my meal planning when I'm busy during the week, and rewarding my hard work with a healthy lunch.

    Megan M., Kendall

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Your Chef - Gabriel Silva

Chef Gabriel Silva is trained chef who has a culinary arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu Paris

He has spent the last 30 years working in some of the best kitchens in Europe and now he brings all his years of experience and skills to every meal he makes for you with his experienced team.

All your meals are made by Chef Gabriel and our supervised by nutritionists to make sure they're healthy and delicious! 

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